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Phenyl Phosphinic Acid
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About Us
Shandong kaiyue Chemical Co.,Ltd. Was established in 2006,and Engaged in professional research and development, production of lively metal compounds. it is a professional enterprise integrated of investment, scientific research and production. The company has the self-management import and export rights, products are exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States and other developed countries.

Kaiyue chemical industry uses the way of independent construction, equity participation, leasing factories, or commissioned processing of diversified, light asset development model. And it has production bases in Shandong Linshu, Dongying Guangrao, Zibo Zichuan, Zibo Qilu Chemical Industry Park, Weifang Binhai Economic Development Zone, Lingang Road Industrial Park.

The company and the Shandong University of Chemical Industry signed a long-term cooperation agreement, Shandong University for the kaiyue chemical to provide technical support.

Over the years, The company always adheres to the principle of"quality first, the credibility first, the users first, mutual benefit " and sticks to the business philosophy of basing on now, focusing on the future to produce high-quality products, seek cooperation with credibility and create development with innovation.

The company is strong in technology, has a sound product testing methods and quality assurance system, pay close attention to domestic and foreign research and production dynamics, and Shandong University Institute of Chemical Technology, and constantly develop and develop new products to meet the different needs of customers.

After years of development, Now the company leading products are as follows

(1) Alcohol Lithium Series: Solid Methanol Lithium, Liquid Methanol Lithium, Solid Ethyl Alcohol, Liquid Ethyl Alcohol, Solid Tert-Butanol, Solid Butyl Butoxide, Liquid Butyl Butyl Lithium, Solid Isopropoxide, Liquid Lithium ethoxide

(2) magnesium alcohol products: solid methanol magnesium, liquid magnesium methoxide, solid magnesium ethanol, liquid magnesium ethanol, solid isopropyl alcohol magnesium, magnesium n-propanol, magnesium tert-butoxide.

(3) Alcohol barium products: solid barium methane, liquid barium methoxide, solid barium ethanol, liquid barium ethanol, solid isopropyl alcohol barium, liquid isopropyl alcohol barium, barium tert-butoxide.

(4) Alcohol potassium products: potassium methoxide, potassium ethoxide, potassium tert-butoxide, potassium isopropoxide

(5) Alcohol yttrium series products: methanol yttrium, yttrium oxide, yttrium tert-butoxide, yttrium isopropoxide

(6) lithium salt: metal lithium, anhydrous lithium chloride, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium nitrate

(7) Hydrazine compound:

Methyl carbazate, t-butyl carbazate, ethylcarbazide, acetylhydrazide, carbohydrazide, diethylene glycol mono allyl ether / monoallyl diglycidyl ether, DAP, methoxy Formyl hydrazide, tert-butoxycarbonylhydrazide, ethoxycarbonylhydrazide

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